Learn How To Eat Out Free With Kids During This Half Term

Do you want to entertain your children during this half term but without shelling out a lot of money?

The summer holidays might not seem like they were that long ago, but here another half term has snuck up on us once more. The roads are obviously much clearer, but the extra duty of entertaining your kids is just another responsibility that burdens you.

Fortunately for us, there are many big-name restaurants around helping out with good deals you can use to save some money. Children will get free food, if not for only £1, when an adult buys a main meal.

Doesn't this sound great? While you happen to be here, look at all these Free Days Out you can enjoy. Build a whole day around them and then work up your appetite! Check out these great restaurant offers for children during this half term:

Kids can eat free when visiting Bella Italia

The kid's menu at Bella Italia has won many awards, and we certainly understand why.

There are two different sections. The 'Piccolo' options are for kids aged 2 to 6, whereas 7 to 11 year olds can order off the 'Grande' section. Even fussy eaters are going to have choices top pick from. The menu has many options, including but not limited to pasta, calzones, burgers, and pizza. Kids can even have fun making their own pizza or pasta dishes. This offer runs daily until the 26th October, so be sure you get the most from it up until then.

Visit Giraffe to try something for absolutely nothing

Giraffe is where you should head if you want your young ones to get the chance at trying something different other than the typical burgers and pizzas. The menu here is global, with creative takes on classic entrees sure to have your kids experimenting with healthy and balanced meals and foods.

If you buy anything on the adult main course menu, then you can get a kid's meal deal with a main entree, drink, and a dessert, totally free of cost!

You'll even find plenty of activities and games at Giraffe to entertain the little ones, giving you the chance to relax or just enjoy your own meal.

Consumers can take advantage of this deal every day and all during the day up until the 4th November, so be sure you don't miss out on it.

Kids don't starve at Prezzo

Does anything say family more than enjoying Italian cooking? Now is the time to visit Prezzo, where you can let your family feast on delicious Italian food without eating up your bank account.

If you buy any adult main, your kids can eat for only £1. You get any three courses with a drink for less money than a pint of milk would cost.

Kids can pick from either the Tots or Kids menus, based on either their age or their appetite.

Even fussy eaters enjoy pizza, so book your table with the peace of mind that everyone in your group will leave happy and fed well.

This fabulous offer runs up to Monday 5th November. Don't hesitate to grab your kids and get down there tonight.

Visit Cafe Rouge to treat your kids for only £1

Your kids can savour a tasty three-course meal with a drink at Cafe Rouge. What's even better is that they can do this for only £1 if you buy an adult main.

Let your kids try out something new thanks to Cafe Rouge's delicious menu inspired by French cuisine.

They can pick from 'Le Burger', 'Banger et Mash', or even 'Poulet Ooh La La!'. Nudge your children towards an immersion in French culture by having them order their food with their best possible French accent.

Kids eat free when you visit Las Iquanas

If you buy an adult main, not only will your kids get free meals, they'll even get a free book too! They can read this pair of limited edition books to follow the adventures and fun of Iggy & Friends. Your kid can enjoy his or her free ninos meal that comes with a main course, a pair of sides, and even a dessert. Scrumptious! Given all these wonderful restaurant offers, there's likely to be something that strikes your fancy, and hopefully your kids too.

There aren't many things better than spending a few hours with some great food before you. I sincerely hope your family enjoys your half-term! They'll be back in school before you know it, and things get back to normal. The Christmas holidays are going to be here quicker than you think.

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